What do Women want from Men?

What do Women want from Men?

What do Women really want from men?

Historically, Women looked to men to support them, to father their children, and take care of them.  Is that what women today want?

Today’s woman is very self-sufficient.  She is strong, smart and resilient.  A lot like our favorite Chatham series character, Susan Chatham.  She can support and take care of herself.  Women today don’t necessarily even need a husband.  Sperm banks provide a way for women to have biological children on their own, without a man in their life.  So does that mean today’s woman doesn’t need men?  Absolutely not!

Today’s woman wants a man, for social companionship and for sex! So what do women really want from men?

They want attention, to feel appreciated, to feel supported and loved.  They want help with financial support, not because they can’t financially support themselves, but because in today’s world, two incomes goes further than one and allows for increased money freedom.  Complements and being appreciated is nurturing and feels soooo good!  Social companionship provides a way to share good conversation, discuss philosophical issues which stimulate our minds.  Playing games is fun and traveling and sharing experiences with one another is emotionally and physically satisfying.  Physical contact feels amazing and is good for our bodies and our emotional well-being.

So our advice to men…be like Franklin…open those doors for us, fasten a seat belt, help us carry packages.  Tell us we are beautiful, and that we smell, feel, and taste good.  Thank us when we cook or do something special for you.  Remind us that we are spoiling you.  Play with us.  Take us out.  Buy us things.  Be there for us.  Be faithful and committed.  Take care of us when we are hurt: physically or emotionally.  In the bedroom be either gentle or kinky, or rough depending on what we want.  Ask don’t assume.  Don’t ever hurt us.  Don’t hurt our bodies nor our minds.  Watch your words.  Trust and don’t be jealous.

We want to be touched, and held, hugged and kissed and made to feel special and that we are the only girl for you.

In the bedroom, be patient.  We need more foreplay, and it may take us longer to cum.  Or we may not cum at all and that is okay too if fine with us.  Ask us what we like and what our fantasies are.  Respect when we are tired or not in the mood.

Sometimes a massage or a foot rub is all we need. Sometimes a wild romp between the sheets and being hot, sweaty, and dripping with your cum is just what the Doctor ordered.


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