The Chatham Series - Volume 1

LOVE ARRESTED (The Chatham Series - Volume 1)

by Doris Vilk More Books in this collection

Beautiful and talented actress Susan Chatham has it all. Celebrity status, money, and a super-hot Hollywood mogul husband.

But jealousy is a vicious temptress, and someone else covets Susan’s perfect life. By the time Susan realizes what’s happening, her husband belongs to another, and her career is on the skids.

To complete her fall, she’s framed for a crime she didn’t commit and loses her freedom, too. The abusive and grinding life in prison is rough, and she takes any opportunity to improve her situation. Being sexually available to men in power can get results-if you’re a gorgeous actress.

What she wants is her freedom, revenge, and the chance for true love. What’s she’s prepared to do to get it will arouse much more than she thinks.

* Adult Content * Adult Language * Violence *

About the Author:

Doris Vilk was born in Havana, Cuba and, has lived in Nassau, Bahamas, Milan, Italy, and Madrid, Spain. She currently lives in South Florida where she loves the beach. She is happily married and has one son. In her previous endeavors, she was a practicing Family and Cosmetic Dentist for 29 years. She served as President for several Women's Business Associations and has won numerous Community Awards for her Community Service.

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