Kissing Makes You Stronger

A kiss. The collision of lips and tongues that we often take for granted has a whole lot more bubbling under the surface than we think. From...
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10 Things to Do This Fall

Changing seasons can inspire both fresh starts and the activities of the traditions you follow — and fall is on its way! Temperature...
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On Purpose Woman

“Leaving a job, a relationship, a move, or any life change may be the instigator for a trigger. We want to move on, yet a part of us m...
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Romantic Summer Date Ideas

Summer is the season of love. Longer days, warmer weather, and seemingly fewer responsibilities somehow turn this season into the most roman...
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4 Fun Facts about Hugs

For many people, the thing they’ve missed most during the pandemic is being able to hug loved ones. Hugs feel so good because they activat...
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Benefits of love and sex

Sex and love not only feel good — they can also be good for your health. Learn about several hidden health benefits of love-making that s...
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Lit Up

March of every year is declared National Women’s Month. To celebrate, we are bringing you a list of eight astonishing women who used...
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