Yes, I plan to have at least two more books in the Chatham series. In book 2 Love Attempted, Dale feels a lot of remorse over being fooled by Allison and he attempts to win Susan back. He offers Susan a new acting role and a co star creates more than movie drama for our heroine. In book 3 Love Avenged, Allison and George seek revenge on Susan and Frank,

Certainly their relationship evolves in Books 2 and 3 Love Attempted and Love Avenged but a separate series just for them is not planned although not ruled out.

That is a very difficult question as there may be new talent that would be best to play these characters.

Emily Ratajkowski, Alicia Vikander, Dakota Johnson, Riley Keough would all make terrific Susan Chatham’s.

Ryan Reynold’s, Chris Pine, Jamie Dornan, Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper would make fabulous Franklin Lomegistro’s.

Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, for Roberta Jimenez.

Javier Bardem a terrific Paul Sterling.

Benjamin Bratt or Hugh Jackman for the role of Warden Michael Ramsey.

Ricky Martin or Michael Trevino for Juan Carlos Lopez

Zac Effron, Ryan Gosling, Scott Eastwood for Dale McCraven

Yes, there will be book signing parties and visits to bookstores as invitations are received. A book launch party is being planned most likely in November or early December of 2016 for Love Arrested.

Yes, inquiries and invitations should be sent to the contact us link

Just get started. Find a mentor. Write as the inspiration hits you. Seek out others that have done what you want to do. Put a team together of those that can help you. Editors, Graphic designers, web designers, IT help etc. Most of the scenes in my book come from day dreaming scenes inspired by real life events or by listening to music. Refer to section on how I did the research for my book.

I like to sit listening to music, or the sounds of the ocean and type directly onto my lap top or my mini IPAD.

I use simple life events either from my past, or other television shows, movies, and books to inspire me. I am always observing life and people around me and thinking of creative ways to weave those inspirations into potential scenes and story lines. I also believe in making story boards for my books by cutting out photos from magazines of items or scenes, or characters and making a collage on a foam board using simple scissors and glue sticks.

In College I did a report on child abuse and a lot of George’s abuse comes from way back in those days as I was very affected by how anyone could do such horrible things to a child they loved. I watched countless episodes of MSNBC’s documentary “Lock Up” and I spoke to a Prison Physician and a correctional officer as well. Friends counted stories from people they knew had been inmates. I looked up sex toys on adult toy websites and read articles on BDSM and sexual fetishes. I look for good quotes in books, Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter.

Traditional publishing is a very long process and it is very difficult to break into as a new author. You need a literary agent to represent you then to the publisher. I found most just review the synopsis or a small sampling of the writing. Also there are some bad seeds as in any business where you submit your work and nothing is done with it. I wanted to get my story out as quickly as possible and maintain control of the content and rights to the story.

Yes, I was a Dentist, actually still am. I practiced Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for over 29 years when medical issues limited my ability to continue the level of care I wished to provide. I also taught dental hygiene and dental students. Both Dentistry and Writing require extreme creativity and dedication, and a meticulous attention to detail. In this way they are very similar and both attempt to make the “client” smile.

The differences between Dentistry and Writing is what I personally enjoy most. As a Dentist I always had to be very professional and in control. I took my oath of Ethics very seriously. I dress conservatively, don’t curse, always mind my manners, and have very high integrity. Writing allows me a way to let my naughty side out without harm. In writing you can be anything you want to be: thin, beautiful, a great singer, and great dancer, etc. The only thing I have in common with Susan Chatham is that we can both cook, love Mojitos, and love our husband and our children. Oh, and we are very good and loyal friends.

When I came from Cuba as a little girl, being called “Dorita” it was translated to “Doris” when my mom enrolled me in school.

I was that name until around age 13 when we moved from New York to the Bahamas then back to Miami. When my mom enrolled me back in school in the States, they reviewed my original birth certificate which said “Dora”. I wanted to bring Doris back.

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