The early years

The early years

The Love Arrested Quiz:

Now that you have read Love Arrested, let’s see how well you know the characters.  How will you perform on this quiz?

Q. Which twin resembled their mother Gloria more in looks, Susan or Tommie and who was older and by how many minutes?

A. The twins are three minutes apart but the book doesn’t mention who was born first.  But if you really want to know, Tommie was first.

Q. Who was Susan’s best childhood friend?

A. Jenny Cavalieri

Q. What sport did Tommie excel in?

A. Soccer

Q. What was Susan’s favorite snack to bring to watching Dale and Tommie’s games?

A. Popcorn

Q. Susan won medals in grade school for which sport?

A. Swimming

Q. How did Frank learn to dance and sing as a youngster?

A. He danced afterschool at his Mom’s dance studio and sang in the choir, and also was in Glee club in College.

Q. How did Mike and Frank meet?

A. They were roommates in Undergrad in College.

Q. When did Frank and Evangeline meet?

A. In Key West, during Spring break during Frank’s second year of Medical School.

Q. Who taught Susan her culinary skills?

A. Susan’s mom, Gloria was a chef who taught Susan culinary techniques.


Q. Who was Dale’s childhood sweetheart?

A. Susan of course!


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