Love Attempted by Doris Vilk

Love Attempted by Doris Vilk

Love Attempted by Doris Vilk is the sequel to the 5-star exceptional novel “Love Arrested.” The story continues where the last left off. “Love Arrested” was excellent and engaging. Love Attempted is the same, but even better. It is full of danger, hot sex and twists, and turns. I loved it and read it through in one sitting.

Doris Vilk is a phenomenal writer. She has tied the two books together impeccably. She writes with such enthusiasm and creativity. Readers will be glued to the pages with anticipation as to what will happen next. The characters are thoroughly absorbing and well written, with personalities that won’t be forgotten. I loved following each character as they are so interesting psychologically, physically and emotionally. They are well thought out, developed, and they evolve nicely within the exciting storyline.

Love Attempted blew my mind. It is full of drama, glamour, and danger around every corner.

Doris Vilk engages the reader right from the start. Then takes them on an enjoyable thrilling wild ride.

I can’t say enough about the storyline. It is enthralling, entrancing and fulfilling.

The descriptions are delicious. A real celebration for the senses and imagination, just like in book number one.

Although this is a sequel, it reads as a standalone novel as well. However, you will miss out if you don’t pick up a copy of the first one, “Love Arrested” too. You won’t be sorry with this 5 star series.

Hot Good Reads fully recommends Love Attempted to all reader’s that love eroticism, drama, romance and danger in their books.

– Jewel S.

From Doris – THANK YOU JEWEL! We love this review! 
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