Chick Lit Café highly recommends Love Avenged (The Chatham Series) by Doris Vilk.

Chick Lit Café highly recommends Love Avenged (The Chatham Series) by Doris Vilk.

Love Avenged by Doris Vilk is an erotic, thrilling and captivating page-turner. Readers are taken on a whirlwind of a journey into the life of the main character, Susan Chatham-Lomegistro. Susan is a beautiful Hollywood actress/model and married to the love of her life, Dr. Franklin Lomegistro, the man that helped her to be released from prison years ago, and gave her two beautiful children. In spite of her great success, Susan’s life has been very difficult and she has been a courageous survivor throughout it all. In this third installment of the author, Doris Vilk’s Chatham series, Susan once again finds herself and those she loves in grave danger. Her acting career is coming along fabulously, her two young children are happy, and her relationship with her husband is better than ever, including their mutually satisfying, exciting sex life. But when she accepts an opportunity in Boston, she is set up for an evil plan, perpetrated by those from her past who wants revenge, and to ultimately destroy her.

Once again, Susan must use her unique skills and talents to outsmart her enemies and survive, yet, another life-altering scheme.

Erotic love story
If you haven’t read it, you can get it in Paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon! 

Doris Vilk has done it again in Love Avenged. Her unique writing style gives way to an erotic romancestory that is filled with twists and turns. This book has a lot going on it for our main character, Susan, as she finds herself in peril once again, and must think on her feet to win the battle for her life. Readers won’t be able to put Love Avenged down. I was totally caught up and fully engaged from start to finish. The character development is full and complete with interesting and intriguing personalities. Doris Vilk certainly has a way with words that keeps readers glued to the pages, while creating an atmosphere of mystery coupled with eroticism. The sex between Susan and her husband is hot, exciting and alluring. Love Avenged has it all. There are shocking, harrowing scenes and there are tender, sweet and romantic scenes. I was fully engrossed all the way through, from the very first chapter to the final page. All my senses were stimulated. The many surprises will keep readers guessing, turning the pages fervently, and seeking answers. This third book can easily be read as a standalone in the Chatham series, however the first two books are so very good, that I highly recommend that you read them all. Doris Vilk’s writing takes my breath away and satisfies my desire to escape into an erotic romance, filled with suspense.

We thought you’d love to get to know Susan Chatham from Love Arrested, Love Attempted and Love Avenged, by Doris Vilk.


(If you haven’t read them all, you can get them in Paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon!)


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