Customer Reviews

Absolutely awesome! You’re an amazing author. Loved all your books. A must read. Suspense drama sexy twists and turns. A real page turner.
author pic Joyce R.
On Love Arrested, "Wow! I wanted to call in sick for the project I'm working on just so I could keep reading your book. I am so drawn in!”
author pic Cassi E. Boca Raton
The perfect read for my flight home! It will draw you in from the beginning! #LoveArrested #DorisVilk
author pic Cassie Eubanks , FL
I absolutely loved it. It's fantastic, couldn't put it down. Totally captivating. Can't wait for the next one.
author pic Janice L. Coral Springs, FL
Not a reader, but cover sure pulls you in-alarmingly cool!
author pic Debi. K. West Palm Beach, FL
Doris Vilk blew me away with this sequel. Another amazingly written book, I couldn't put it down until I was finished! The author catches your attention right away, it's a true page-turner. The drama, hot sex scenes, the glamour, and the fact that Susan Chatham-Lomegistro's strength and perseverance was tested yet again made this book another big hit for the author. I loved following the characters' lives throughout books 1 and 2 and I CANNOT wait to see what the third book has to offer, my fingers are crossed for a possible movie option!!! This book blows Fifty Shades out of the water! If you're looking for a great read, I highly recommend reading Love Arrested and you might as well purchase Love Attempted at the same time because you're going to want to dive right into this sequel!
author pic Camille – Amazon review
Susan Chatham is an actress, married to a Hollywood mogul. Life is perfect, she has it all. Then, she is arrested for a crime that she did not commit. She was set up and framed. Nevertheless, she goes to prison and her life goes from sitting pretty to sitting in a cell. In prison, she succumbs to torment and torture. Life in prison is one horrifying battle after another. Will she be able to withstand the abuse and perhaps find real love in the most hopeless time of her life? Will she survive, be strengthened and get justice? Love arrested is a fabulous page-turner. It reminded me of the Netflix shows Wentworth and Orange is the New Black, but with even more depth. It is a blend of violence, hot sex, and the terror of a life in prison. It is action packed and enthralling. I couldn’t put it down, it is so good. I was caught up by the storyline, the individual characters, the setting, the violence and the sensual, steamy sex scenes. Author Doris Vilk has done an extraordinary job of recreating what life in prison could be like. It is so captivating and thought-provoking. She portrays the characters and scenes so graphically that I felt like I was there. She delves into their psyches’ with intensity and realistic honesty. I was thoroughly aroused by the sumptuous descriptions of the settings, food, sex and even the clothes. A true delight for the visceral senses and the imagination. The main character, Susan, is innocent and we are taken on her journey, which is very interesting and engaging to follow. We want to see her get justice. Love Arrested is a romantic thriller. The storyline is brilliant and it flows with ease and intensity. It is unpredictable and realistic. The characters are all well developed and multifaceted. Doris Vilk did a great job portraying them, their actions and their attitudes. Love Arrested is a great read. It’s one of those books that you pick up and begin to read and are completely drawn in from the beginning to the end. It is a blend of violence and eroticism with a very different narrative. The prison factor makes this story welcome and unique. The creative writing makes this story mind-blowing. I would love to see this book made into a movie or a TV series.
author pic Hot Goodreads highly recommends Love Arrested by Doris Vilk
Love Attempted by Doris Vilk is the sequel to the 5-star exceptional novel “Love Arrested.” The story continues where the last left off. “Love Arrested” was excellent and engaging. Love Attempted is the same, but even better. It is full of danger, hot sex and twists and turns. I loved it and read it through in one sitting. Doris Vilk is a phenomenal writer. She has tied the two books together impeccably. She writes with such enthusiasm and creativity. Readers will be glued to the pages with anticipation as to what will happen next. The characters are thoroughly absorbing and well written, with personalities that won’t be forgotten. I loved following each character as they are so interesting psychologically, physically and emotionally. They are well thought out, developed, and they evolve nicely within the exciting storyline. Love Attempted blew my mind. It is full of drama, glamour and danger around every corner. Doris Vilk engages the reader right from the start. Then takes them on an enjoyable thrilling wild ride. I can’t say enough about the storyline. It is enthralling, entrancing and fulfilling. The descriptions are delicious. A real celebration for the senses and imagination, just like in book number one. Although this is a sequel, it reads as a standalone novel as well. However, you will miss out if you don’t pick up a copy of the first one, “Love Arrested” too. You won’t be sorry with this 5 star series. Hot Good Reads fully recommends Love Attempted to all reader’s that love eroticism, drama, romance and danger in their books.
author pic – Jewel S.
It's 4am and I just finished Love Arrested due to the fact that I physically couldn't put it down!! Well done, you absolutely captured and sent me into a literal trance into Susan Chatham's world. I hope for the sake of your readers and fans that you continue to write.
author pic Camille C. Boston,MA
Just finished the novel. I could not wait for the end, it grips you and want to read more! My compliments. All in all a good read.
author pic Nancy B. Lauderdale By The Sea, FL
Reading it and loving it!
author pic Sandra C. Lauderhill, FL
Started reading on the plane and haven't been able to put it down. Great read almost done. Waiting for the second book.
author pic Marcy T. Tamarac, FL
I am reading your book from Kindle on my phone. It is sooooo good. So impressed with your writing. I project a movie deal.
author pic Diane Y. Coral Springs, FL
Love the book 'Love Arrested' a real page turner. A mix of 50 shades and Orange is the new black! I haven't been able to put it down!!!
author pic Sharon K. Weston, FL

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