Are prison furloughs possible?

Are prison furloughs possible?


Love Arrested is a work of fiction, but it brings about an interesting concept, “Are prison furloughs really possible?”

In theory social, medical, and legal practices exist but in practice politics dictate otherwise. Some are granted by Unit managers.  Most furloughs are done to transfer inmates un escorted from one facility to another and many times they are restricted from contacting family members or friends. Many are left up to the Wardens. Some prisoners may get a medical leave to visit an ill family member.  However as they are unescorted they may meet up with another loved one discreetly.  In truth, furloughs wouldn’t necessarily relieve overcrowding in the prison as the bed would probably not be released and held until the prisoner’s return.  What do you know about furloughs?

Did you find the Love Arrested’s concept believable?  Why? Why not?


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