A Good Book Does So Much More Than Pass the Time!

A Good Book Does So Much More Than Pass the Time!

There are few things better than hunkering down with a good book (and we know the Chatham Series is on your good book list!) You know the novel- the book so good you wonder what the character is doing when you aren’t reading (Is Susan going to find true love again?) The kind of book that makes you actually feel a sense of loss when you turn the final page. The book that makes you go into work exhausted the next day because you kept telling yourself “just one more chapter”, before you turned off the bedside lamp (we don’t blame you- who can stop reading with all of these sultry scenes?) We know the Chatham Series brings you a range of emotions from arousal to trepidation to sheer joy.

Questions about The Chatham Series by Doris Vilk – Love Arrested, Love Attempted, Love Avenged.


However, aside from the connection, you can feel to the characters in a good book, did you know that reading has a scientifically proven positive effect on your body and your brain? We don’t need an excuse to read, but the next time someone teases you for always having your nose in a book, you can throw some of these facts their way!

You Experience More Sensations: An Emory University study concluded that reading causes an increase in brain activity in the central sulcus. What this means for you is if you read about a character taking a walk down a moonlight beach your brain actually mimics this activity for yourself, as you read. Therefore, to your brain and body, it is like you are experiencing the same thing as the character you are reading about. Not that we needed to draw the connection for you but the Chatham Series is an erotic series- needless to say, experiencing what Susan Chatham experiences feels like a winning sensation to us; prepare to be aroused!


You’re More Empathetic: Readers of fiction have an increased ability to experience and express empathy; all from reading about their favorite characters. This translates to being able to see different perspectives and understanding different sides to the story, so to speak (no pun intended). Empathy, compassion, and understanding are all skills that benefit our day-to-day interactions and relationships. We think any real-life skill that is improved through reading fiction feels like a win/win situation to us! With the high highs and low lows that Susan experiences throughout the series, empathy will certainly come second nature!

Reading has Beneficial Effects on your Memory: The next time your spouse forgets to pick up the milk, or worse yet- forgets your anniversary, you may want to toss a book their way. When you read, you engage multiple brain functions. Phonemic awareness, comprehension, and fluency are all engaged when we read. This causes you to improve your concentration and your awareness as you make sense of what’s before you on the page. So really, by reading, you are also simultaneously improving your memory AND your relationships, ensuring you never again send another “Happy Birthday” message a day late!


We think reading is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! We encourage you to buy, share and engage with the novels in the Chatham Series. Bring it to your next book club meeting, read it on the beach, or gossip about it over lunch with your girlfriends; for scientific purposes, of course!

Happy reading!

Doris Vilk

Doris Vilk


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